SNS Powder System

SNS is a nail dipping system and stands for Signature Nail Systems. It’s a long-lasting alternative to other nail enhancements such as Shellac.

“The nails are prepared in the usual way, then dehydrated and cleaned, then a coat of resin is applied, then dipped quickly into the powder, then repeated several times to create the shape desired,

The benefit of this system is it generally is very quick and requires very little filing and therefore it is healthier for the natural nail with reduced friction

Natural Nails
SNS Colour $40
SNS French $50
Manicure (Extra) $10
SNS Colour $55
SNS French $60
SNS Removal Only $20
Spa Pedicure & Manicure $50
Spa Pedicure $35
Deluxe Dead Sea Pedicure
- salt scrub
- body mud
- salt & oil scrub
- Body butter
- Foot cream
Manicure $20
Buff, Shape (Hand& Polish) $10
Buff, Shape (Toes & Polish) $15
French Polish (Extra) $5
Nail Design (Full Set) From $10
Shellac & Gel Colour (Extra) $15
French (Extra) $5
Buff Shape Shellac & Gel Colour
(Hands / Toes)

Note: We are not responsible for the following breaking, breaking ,cracking, lifting or infected nails, damage to the original design (charges apply for rectification). NO refunds.