Non-surgical Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing treatments:

We offer Anti-wrinkle treatment, Dermal Filler injections and Facial Rejuvenation treatments. These treatments may be needed as individual or combination treatments to achieve your desired effect.
Injectables are undertaken by Doctor of Cosmetic Medicine who is a qualified injector with considerable experience behind him. Book now to see the doctor for a consultation. Full and frank discussion at the consultation will ensure realistic goals, both aesthetically and to fit your wallet.


If you are finding wrinkles on your face you have never seen before, chances are your skin may be ageing quicker than the rest of you. Get the right treatment for a more youthful you.


With age there is loss of volume on face. But life does not have to end there. Age is but a number and with Fillers, get the “lift” and turn back the clock on Mother Nature.

Frequently Asked Questions And The Doctor’s Responses

1) I have never had any cosmetic treatments done before and I’m apprehensive about starting!

It is quite common to be apprehensive when you start. If you’re doing this first time, it is important to have a free and frank discussion about your goals. The treatments are never the same for 2 people; it has to be tapered to individual goals. If you are looking to change something on your face or just looking to have a ‘refreshed youthful’ look, then subtle changes with injectables over a period of time would help you achieve this. All your anxieties will be discussed in the first meeting before any treatments.

2) I don’t want to have ‘duck lips’ or ‘chipmunk cheeks’ or look ‘artificial/plastic’ after the treatment!

A realistic expectation of results is especially important part of the initial consultation. The doctor suggests subtle changes over time, rather than dramatic change with one treatment. Over dramatic changes such as ‘duck lips’ or ‘chipmunk cheeks’ require large amount of fillers, which the doctor does not endorse. It is important that you feel confident with the changes in your face, and this is best achieved with slower changes over time.

3) What happens at the consultation?

The initial consultation with doctor may take about 10 mins, where a frank and realistic treatment plan and goals are discussed. A consent form needs to be read and signed. The treatment following this will be much quicker, often 5-10 minutes.

4) Is the consultation free?


5) Does the treatment hurt?

Some treatments are undertaken after numbing, and these are painless. Where numbing is not needed, very thin gauge needles are used thereby reducing the discomfort to a minimum.

6) Does it cost a lot?

Our prices are very competitive and affordable. See price list for the most common treatments. In some cases, it may be necessary to combine two or more treatments and the charges will be quoted well in advance. Please ask instore for payment plan options.

7) What are the products we use?

The products used cannot be advertised as per TGA guidelines, but rest assured the products we use are TGA-approved for cosmetic use.

8) How do these treatments work?

Anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the wrinkle-causing muscles, thereby creating an improved and smooth appearance.
Dermal Fillers work by replacing lost collagen from skin (which is a key factor in facial ageing) thereby lessening the impact of ageing and cleverly refreshing the look.

9) Are these treatments harmful?

Anti-Wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers have been in use for many years in Australia, and all the products used in our clinics are TGA approved.

10) Are there any side effects?

In majority of the cases, any side effects are temporary and limited to the treatment sites.
Possible side effects from anti-wrinkle treatment include swelling, redness, pain, stinging or burning, bruising, itchy forehead, local muscle weakness including droopy eyelids or eyebrows and rarely flu-like symptoms.
Possible side effects from dermal filler treatment includes injection site redness, firmness, lumpy feel, bruising or discoloration. Again, in the vast majority, these effects are temporary and should resolve within a week.
You may resume most normal activities soon after. An aftercare instruction leaflet will be provided for your peace of mind.

11) How long will the results last?

Anti-wrinkle treatments typically last 2-4 months. Filler injections last 4-12 months, depending on factors that will be discussed in detail, during the initial consultation with the doctor.

12) What is downtime?

Downtime is time taken to recover from treatment. This can however be disguised with makeup.

13) What if I am not happy with the results?

We make all attempts to assure satisfaction. The results of the treatments are not always obvious straightaway. The effects of anti-wrinkle treatment may take from 3-10 days to start. It is ideal to have a 2-week follow up after every treatment. This will be an opportunity to fully assess the results and make fine adjustments if needed.