Eansing Express
Fruit Facial peels
All Facial peels accelerates the natural exfoliation process of the skin to get rid of debris, dead skin cells, promote quicker young cell renewal, and visibly diminish scars, lighten stretch marks, reduce ageing spots and lines, sun damage, clogging and skin discolouration.
Lactic Acid
Anti-Ageing Peels
Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Help to increase cellular turnover. Promotes hydration for smoother and firmer skin.
Ascorhic Acid
Pigmentation Peels
Contains ingredients shown to have a whitening & brightening affect on the skin. Helps even out hyper pigmentation contains best form of vitamin C known to help clear pigmentation in peels.

Note: We are not responsible for the following breaking, breaking ,cracking, lifting or infected nails, damage to the original design (charges apply for rectification). NO refunds.

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